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Feb. 10th, 2013 | 10:21 pm
location: Erlangen - Germany
mood: weirdweird
music: Klick Klack - 1919

ok this is a weird one: four of us looking up the local pub listed on googlemaps in an unkown township somewhere in Louisiana. The closest pub appearing was rated excellent with some remarks like: Drinks are cheap! Nice Staff! When we entered they charged five bucks from everyone because of a "show" this evening. So when we entered there were only four other guests in this place: a young couple chatting in sign language and two mid aged women with "stranged" crown-shaped hats. The bartender was kind, introduced the local beer to us and we felt comfortable at the counter. Soon the location got filled up with other guests and when I turned from the chat with my friends to the bar I asked my self: mhmm, this women over there.. ain't huh? And then I noticed another transvestite and two baldheaded bearded men entangled in a hug kissing each other. In this moment the massive grey-beard on my left might have noticed the astonishment in my face, when he turned to me and asked me with a growling baritone voice: "you know, you are in a gay bar. Don't cha?". This moment was so bizzare that the first thing coming to my mind was I asking him if we were disturbing this community with our straighness and this humle remark turned him friendly and we clinked our glasses and started one of those nonsense-bar-counter-conversations which do not mean anything in particular because half of the words got sucked up by the sound of the busty half-naked transvestites performing in a mariah carrie playback impersonation on the stage (this by the way was the 5 dollar show charge) sourounded by a cheering gay crowd throwing dollar bills at them. Guy's name was Ted, retired butcher who had his asian-looking boyfriend on his side looking at me in a mix of suspiciousness and sexual desire. Ted introduced me to a bunch of other people ("this german is sooo sweet!") I clinked glasses with and we watched the show. The more beer we drank the more comfortalbe everybody became and in one occasion someone sneaked his arm around my shoulder and later on the asian-looking guy groped my dick! I looked at him like "what the fuck!" and he was like: "uh sorry I'm sooo sorry my hand just did this on its own!". So this is how it feels being a piece of cock meat. I turned to my friends: "This crazy little guy grabbed my dick! Time to move out!" We warmly disbanded from our gay friends and I recieved many hugs and kisses. So after all a nice bunch of people despite the unidirected sense of desirebility.

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