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Jan. 7th, 2008 | 08:34 pm
location: Nuremberg
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: Gravenhurst - Animals

... went to a nice party on saturday... I was in a contemplating mood. Drank some beer, slightly nodding my head to some nice tunes ... I pondered a lot that night, talked nonsense to some friends, drank more beer. Talked to a pretty girl, talked about dreams... said that we life as we dream, alone somehow... said it is important not to forget the dreams of our childhood, not to stop wondering, to notice the little wonders which fascinated us once... and now they seem so trivial... said that life is flying away faster than any old summer vacation did in the past... talked about rain, rain drops, rain crying at my girlfriend's grave and me crying with him... said every good time has an end... said being sad is degrading to the loveliness we felt once... and we should be thankful instead... and that every sentence ends with a dot and this dot is also the separator to a new sentence and every new sentence starts with a big letter... said everything should start with best effort and we are only partly involved when we fail... said that life always goes it's own irritating trail and there are too many factors we can not consider... Talked about the sunrise, about the first seconds when that tiny red glow appears... and the sky smiles softly... and the warm sun rays shine in our hearts and stay there... fading very slowly... said that we can preserve these rays and keep them for the cold winter nights and rejoice at them again... and that I sometimes stop and take a picture with my mobile no matter how late I am... a bad habit... showed her some of those pictures... with the sun blinking behind little red clouds over a big red sea... said that the sea blushed and became red because the naughty sun startled it... glanced at her for a long moment... blushed myself and then she kissed me...

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