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what vile evil is lurking in these rocks?

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Jul. 2nd, 2007 | 09:58 pm
mood: chipperchipper
music: Ikon - Fall Apart

ah ;-) finally some time to contemplate about my days in detmold.
The hippie event was muddy and rainy as every year, and we were forced to open the emergency box early in the evening.
This was indubitably the moment when my body became devoid of awareness and I remember some drum playing and dancing and me burning my arms and hands trying to stop a BBQ grill from collapsing...
Err... what next... I awoke in a puddle of ... water (Phew!).
Lo and behold! A bunch of hippies was squatting our tarp covered refuge (only dry place in the area). We displaced most of them except the ones who provided coffee and other gifts. These new shoddy friends, asked if we were among the protesters in Heiligendamm, we responded that we took that into account, but we were not going to claim attention with a tattered hippie-outfit, waving a peace-flag and a banner reading "the world can't wait". We would rather do it in nice suits waving a letter which was signed by at least two economists and a lawyer. This would be more promising to be taken seriously.
Despite some minor cultural differences we all agreed that beer is the origin and the solution of all our problems and spent the following days indulging in intellectual escapism.

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